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Hands down, your wedding photography investment is one of the most important decisions you will make about your wedding day. The value of your wedding photography investment will only grow with time. As your family grows and your future children become parents themselves, the story of your wedding day will become more and more priceless. Priceless to you and priceless to your family! A great photograph can make you laugh, smile, or cry. We aim to capture emotion and moments that are real. 

We take your investment seriously. We know that there are a lot of photography options out there.  But investing in a professional photographer is so important.  Your wedding day cannot be re-created or re-done, so it needs to be captured correctly at that exact moment.

Our wedding photography collections offer a variety of service options to ensure you get exactly what you need to document your big day. Your investment varies with coverage and product options. While coverage options begin at $1800, we find on average our couples choose to invest between $2800-$3600. We love destination weddings and offer travel options. If you are looking for a professional, fun experience consider Timeless Exposures Photography, Inc. I would love to chat with you and hear about what you are planning for your big day!